This Is How Fenty Beauty Ushered Rihanna To Billionaire Status

Rihanna did not stutter when she sang that all she sees are dollar signs in her hit single “Pour It Up”, because those dollars have now reached a billy. The star is officially a self-made billionaire.

The news was reported by Forbes Magazine citing the star’s worth at an estimated $1.7-billion. How did she do it? Performing surprisingly does not owe to this milestone. Her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, has more to do with Riri’s elevation.

After being established in 2017 with aim of radicalizing inclusivity for all women, Fenty Beauty soared to great heights. Rihanna’s marketing approach set a new and revolutionary tone for the beauty industry.

Not only did did it successfully represent often neglected women and cultures, Fenty Beauty hosted the biggest make-up launch in YouTube History. After just a month, the brand had raked in a total of 138 million Fenty Beauty related searches.

Fenty Beauty gained commercial success and earned a spot as one of Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2017.

This came at no surprise. Brands that have a clear mission and representation are more likely to succeed. And well, when you’re Rihanna, your golden touch and effortless flare in just being yourself makes you one step ahead.

Fenty Beauty’s success is not merely due to Rihanna’s fame and influence, but the activism to say NOBODY IS EXCLUDED HERE. This is a brand that came out not only for women, but for beauty, for any race and shade, for all of us.

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