Aweng Ade-Chuol and Wife Cover Elle Magazine

Model Aweng Defies The Hate and Embraces Wife In New Elle Cover

Love is beautiful, and model Aweng Ade-Chuol is not letting homophobic abuse take that away. The South Sudanese covered the new issue of Elle magazine embracing wife Alexus Ade-Chuol with a kiss. Consequently, this serves a brave statement towards the harsh hate received from anti-LGBTQ+ groups.

The pair tied the knot last December in New York and received backlash especially from South Sudan community, where same-sex marriage has been constitutionally banned since 2011.

In the cover interview, Aweng talks through the toll the abuse has taken on her mental health, revealing that it led to attempted suicide. Speaking to the magazine, she said, ‘We got married and the whole world, literally the whole of my community, were wishing that I passed, in a way… A few months later, I attempt [suicide],’.

Six months following her wedding, the model took to Instagram to reveal that she had attempted to take her life while noting she was then in a much better place and ‘thankful for life’.

‘It was really absurd, because subconsciously I felt I was maybe drained by the fact we’d got married. It’s still a discussion now, like, “How dare she marry a woman?” You can’t control what people say, and there were tabloids and newspapers back in Sudan… It was a whole thing.’

Social media has however been receptive of Aweng’s sexuality. After tweeting “I am a lesbian” in September for the first time, support came pouring from her followers. She described the reaction as “beautiful” in the cover, and went on to advice therapy to deal with similar circumstances.

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