Munya Chawawa celebratory moment

Comedian Munya Chawawa Bags Atlantic Record Deal

Nowadays, the internet makes stars, and comedian Munya Chawawa is one of the rising ones. Chawawa is best known for his YouTube sketches and parodies, with his humour capturing viewers. But he is now levelling up. The Zimbabwean-born who is now based in the UK has recently signed a mega-deal with Atlantic Records.

However, the deal is not his doing, in a way. It is in fact owed to his alter ego named Unknown P- A posh drill rapper.

Chawawa took to Twitter to announce his big news saying; “I’ve signed to Atlantic Records! Two years of sketches, one Fire in the Booth and a few middle-class bars later and here we are!”. The comedian went on to thank his fans for the support and social media sharing of videos.

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