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15 Young Refugees To Enroll In Italian Fashion Program

15 young and deserving refugees living in Italy will be given the opportunity to start a career in fashion. The National Chamber of Italian Fashion founded the initiative “Fashion Deserves the World” which will enable refugees to enroll in fashion training and later find work in Italian companies. 

“Fashion Deserves the World” was announced on June 20 at the end of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, timed to coincide with World Refugee Day. The initiative was presented along with other initiatives by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR. 

The project is in collaboration with Mygrants, the highest used platform for asylum seekers founded by Christian Richmond Nzi. Mygrants provides micro-learning programs in three languages to assist migrants in consolidating their knowledge in order to find a job. These include English, French and Italian.

Image by Flaunter on Unsplash

According to Carlo Capasa, the president of The National Chamber of Italian Fashion, the project will not only benefit refugees but will equally benefit the Italian fashion industry.  “With retirements scheduled over the next three to four years, there will be 40,000 vacant spots,” says Capasa.

“A minimum of two years is necessary to train new professional figures in this field, and it would be a disaster if we lost the outstanding quality of our fashion craftsmen who will leave their jobs without heirs if we do not train somebody else so that their unique skills will not be lost.”

Passionate migrants and refugees aspiring for a career in fashion will be able to submit their applications on the Mygrants website. The cut-off date for all applications is 30 September 2021. Following the submissions, the applicants will be examined by experts at the National Chamber of Italian Fashion in Milan.

Click here to apply.

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