The Colors Show performance

The Essentiality Of The COLORS Show

I remember I was so angry at the world but especially myself when I first discovered YouTube’s The Colors Show. Why had I not discovered it earlier? What have I been doing with my life before? If you are as clueless as I was then, you are in for a treat. I’m here to save you because Colors is everything music dreams are made of.

ColorsxStudios was founded in 2016 under the name Colors Media UG by Philipp Starcke, Felix Glasmeyer and Jonas Weber. According to Starcke, his intention with the venture was to “connect people, countries and cultures on a creative and emotional level”. And well, he called no bluff. The music platform is now loved for its minimalistic aesthetic and diverse performers from all around the world.

“We aim to bridge the gaps between cultural disciplines and create a space for music discovery that centres around the artist’s voice, offering a minimalistic stage where they can express themselves freely”, as written on the website.

With most of the artists being up and coming, breathtaking and just a stunning production to watch, COLORS maintains its essentiality in music. There’s just something about the authentic and minimalist setting that ensures a personal touch.

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