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Listen; SZA New Song, Amid Pressure For Album Release

SZA took fans by surprise as she debuted a new song called “Shirt”. The “Love Galore” hitmaker sang a snippet of the new release while performing as part of the IN BLOOM collaboration with Grey Goose virtual event. Give the brand new track a listen below at the 48:26 timestamp.

Fans have been tirelessly waiting and wondering when SZA will drop new music. That time, however, may be later than expected. The “Good Days” singer suggested a longer wait for her second studio album when she revealed the album will not be released when listeners thought it would.

“I’m actually probably about to scrap all of it and start from scratch”, said the star, as quoted by WWD. 

The success of SZA’s critically-acclaimed debut album, “Ctrl”, has inevitably prompted high expectations for her follow-up. Albeit the pressure for her next album to match up to the success and even surpass “Ctrl”, SZA is not fazed with the ideas of what is expected of her new music. 

Instead, she quipped that it may be a little different from what people thought. “I think they’ll be surprised to know that it’s not what they thought, and it’s not coming when they thought. “I hope that they’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

SZA did however follow up with a promise that all the wait will be worth it and we have no reason to believe otherwise.

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