Image by @thefakepan on Instagram
Image by @thefakepan on Instagram

Instagram Sensation Pan Cooke Schooling The Internet One Doodle At A Time

Thanks to the internet, racial injustice has become clearer than ever before. Exposing prejudice is now as easy as shooting a video on your phone and sharing it on social media. The power of social media was demonstrated earlier in the year when a video of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a police officer surfaced and went viral. Knelt down by the officer on his neck, Floyd can repeatedly be heard exclaiming “I can’t breathe!”- all too familiar words that sparked a public outcry and protests around the world demanding justice and police reform.

The Spark That Lit His Fire

During this heartbreaking and controversial time, Pan Cooke (@thefakepan on Instagram) decided to use his platform to “educate myself on the stories and realities I’ve been passively ignorant to”. The doodler began sharing cartoons illustrating cases accounted to police brutality and racism.

Cooke has since then brought awareness of cases like Elijah McClain’s, Jacob Blake, Breona Taylor and more victims of police violence. His following has since grown from under a thousand to almost 300 thousand followers on Instagram.

Following his rise to influence, Cooke wrote on a caption, “When I first started posting these it was just a way to educate myself”. Adding that the popularity of his posts has been overwhelming, he went on to say, “I plan to continue to use this platform to tell stories than need to be told. Thank you for sharing and saying these names.”

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