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Taxicom: A New Black-Owned Mobile Network Set To Take Over

There’s a new telecommunications entity in town and what better than it being black-owned and South African. Taxicom may have nothing to do with taxis but is sure about taking people to a new era. And that era is all about transforming digital industries.

Albeit ready to take on competitors, the mobile network is more concerned with its target audience. The company aims to make a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans. This will be through enabling access to inclusive mobile telecommunications services to minorities and those excluded. “This will be done through an introduction of a different model of meaningful ownership. Preference is given to subscribers, distributors and its agents,” said CEO and founder, Joel Mafenya.

Taxicom CEO and Founder Joel Mafenya
Taxicom CEO and Founder Joel Mafenya

The Soweto-born entrepreneur’s approach comes as the country is yet to overcome radical economic transformation and inclusivity in the telecommunications and financial sectors for black-owned companies.

Mafenya spoke proudly of his vision and the company’s progress, albeit still in its early stages. “As we speak already, we have more than 10 000 quality orders from potential subscribers for SIM cards and devices. And we are optimistic that by the end of the month our numbers would have ballooned. A good start and a vote of confidence for the new baby,” he said.

Taxicom team during launch in Johannesburg, South Africa

The company’s rollout strategy includes delivering seamless cutting-edge mobile
technology solutions to subscribers. This means making connectivity and usage not only widely accessible and affordable for all, but a hassle-free customer experience. While doing this, Texicom also aims to create 6000 direct jobs and business opportunities across the country within the next five years.

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